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Re: [APD] The siphon saga continues...need safety shutoff!

If I remember correctly, the air was getting into the
siphon because the plants were pearling a lot, no?  If
this is the case, then the part of the skimmer box
that resides _inside_ the tank will keep out the
bubbles.  The bubbles would go around it, and break at
the water surface, while surface water overflows into
the skimmer box.  Even if a few bubbles did get into
the skimmer box, they would still stay at the top (and
break), while the intake for the siphon is a few
inches lower.  The inside skimmer box is also what
keeps your tank from draining if the pump should stop
(the water level falls below the top surface of the
box and ceases to drain into it).  Oh! and a really
good point that I didn't think of was that both
siphons could drain to the same outside overflow box,
preventing water from evaporating from it. If the
second inside skimmer box is higher than the first,
the siphon will just sit there on call until needed.

OK, really primitive drawing below to show the path of
the bubbles that are currently getting in the siphon.


   inside | __________  |
      box | |         | |
~~~:~~~|~~| |~~|~! |  | |      |
   : . |  | |  | ! |  | |      |
      .|_______| ! |~~| |~| |~~|
        . .      ! |  | | | |  | outside overflow box
 tank      :     ! |______| |__|
           :     !        | |
           :     !        | |
        bubbles  !        to sump
           :     !

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