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Re: [APD] The siphon saga continues...need safety shutoff!

On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 14:55, Laura Burbage wrote:
> If I remember correctly, the air was getting into the
> siphon because the plants were pearling a lot, no?  If

no. Well, only so much in that perling implies water at saturation.
My intuition says the following would be true. It is too late on a
Friday night for me to go through this fully scientifically but...

If you take a body of water which contains dissolved gasses (eg (1)an
unopened soft drink bottle or (2) an aquarium full of water or (3) a
scuba diver well below the surface containing blood) at or near
saturation of some gasses (co2,O2,O2 respectively)... and you put that
liquid into a state of lower pressure ((1)open it, (2) in a syphon, (3)
rapidly rise to the surface) then bubbles of the gas will form with the
possibility of causing (1)fizz, (2) bubbles in the syphon or (3) the
Bubbles in the syphon will eventually lead to a broken syphon if allowed
to build up through a low water flow.

For the same reason a CO2 reactor works better if it is put in a higher 
pressure situation... if in the tank then as low as possible.

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