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[APD] Tank setup revisited

Thanks to everyone so far on the suggestions and information. 

Graham or any one else.  The ph from the tap is off the charts for my
kit.  How likely is it my ph is above 10 and how can I make sure it

I was able to adjust it last night with ro water and tap mixture (plus a
little bit of wadley's sodium biphosphate ).  The RO water I got was off
the charts ph wise.  I made a couple of assumptions at that point.  One
the water I got from the grocery store is filtered from the same source
as my water.  Two RO water has less KH ( I don't have a test for that
but, tried to make a logical conclusion ) so I could adjust it easier
with the Wadley's Sodium Biphosphate I got.  With these assumptions I
performed a little scientific experiment and created a 5 gal batch of
1:5 RO to Tap and adjusted with the wadley's.  I got a perfect 7.0 ph
after a half hour.  I tried it again with just tap water and was able to
duplicate it.  A third time with just tap again got me a 6.8 ph.
Without the KH test this is confusing me because it doesn't "appear"
that RO is making a difference.  I dumped all the water into the tank
and lowered the ph in the tank to 7.8 (through the mixing of the water).

Now here are some other ideas I would like feed back on.  If I can
duplicate this consistently is it worth doing the above with water
changes.  Or based on what Graham said should I leave it alone assume I
can use any fish I like (barring no problems with ammonia, or other
pollutants that reacted to ph levels).  

Keep in mind at some point I plan on using CO2 injection and I intend to
get a KH test kit (unless suggested otherwise) maybe tonight.

Also, can someone tell me what TDS stands for?


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