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[APD] Re: Brown algea

The brown algea is caused by normal algea causing conditions plus too low of light. the rule of thumb is 1 to 3 watts/gallon and 12 to 14 hrs. How long are your lights on each day? I would increase the light intesity and see what that does. You said that you are going to do that. So, let us know what happens.
Lief Youngs
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 08:23:48 -0800
From: "Jared Morris" 
Subject: [APD] brown algae problem
To: "aquatic plants digest" 

OK, so I've had my 37 gallon Southeast Asian biotope plant tank going for about a month now. I'm following what seems to be a pretty standard Barr method. I am getting good growth out of the dwarf red lily and the rotala indica, but the cryps are going a lot slower (but have yet to melt).

True to the subject though, I do have an algae problem. It's a brownish film on the leaves of all the plants, it is pretty hard to rub off without crushing the leaves, but possible on tough leaved plants... but it just comes back in a day or two. Here's the setup:

I use pure DI water to keep the hardness low. Thoughts?

95 watts of light provided by one 55 watt 10,000K PC, and two 20 watt standard 6700K fluorescents. I will be upping the light with another 55 watt pc in a couple weeks.

Fluorite substrate with an underlayer of peat and Flora Base. A large chunk of Malaysian wood is the centerpiece.

The CO2 is around 15-20 with DIY jello/yeast and external reactor.

I'm adding:

5 mL Flourish 2x weekly
.6 ml Fleet 2x weekly
1/4 tsp KNO3 2x weekly

I do 50% water changes weekly.

Just in case it matters, here's my plant list: Cryp. parva, Cryp. wendetii, Cryp. lutea, Cryp. balansea, Microsorium pteropus "wendelov", Rotala indica, Crinum thaianum, Hygrophila "tropical sunset."

The fish list: 3 SAE, 5 glass cats, 12 harlequin rasboras, 3 dwarf loaches, and 1 neon blue dwarf gourami (I know, it's a heavy load)

I feed twice a day, some flake, tubifex worms, and frozen enriched brine.


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