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RE: DIY Pressurized CO2 System Revisited

Kirk mentioned that he recently put together a pressurized CO2 system using
the Clippard MNV-4K2 valve and related components. I would just like to add
that I have changed one of my CO2 systems to Clippard components as well
after walking in to the fish room the other afternoon and discovering a
tank with Discus floating on the surface. Luckily, I saved the fish just in
time. It turns out the valve I was using was letting way too much CO2 into
the tank. The temperature in the fish room is not very stable and on a hot,
sunny day it can climb pretty fast. The valve I was using was an ARO #1.

Now, I have cautioned against the use of this valve before on this list
but, of course, I needed a valve one day and just grabbed one of these from
the parts bin knowing full well why I put them there in the first place. I
probably should have sold them. The valve worked sufficiently well through
the winter months because the room temperature was stabilized with a room
heater until last week when the room temperature shot up and the valve
couldn't keep its adjustment. So, after nearly losing the Discus I
immediately found the nearest Clippard distributor and ordered the parts. I
went with the MNV-4K valve but decided I wanted a smaller, less obtrusive
hose. I went with 50 feet of the black polyurethane 1/16" hose and 1/16"
barb fittings for attaching it to the valve. The hose cost about $9 and I
know they make vinyl hose as well for about half that price but I know the
polyurethane is going to give me a long service life. Also, got the #15006
adapter (1/8" MPT x 10/32" FT) to connect the valve to the
regulator/manifold. I've only had it up and running for a couple of days,
so I can't really tell yet if there will be any problems. I like it so far
and he small hose is easy to work with. 

--- Eric