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DIY Pressurized CO2 System Revisited

I know this old news, but, what the hell...I am sure there are some newbies 
to the group such as myself who would like this info.

I recently built a pressurized CO2 system with components from the 
following sources:


Micro Matic ProLine CO2 Regulator for draft beer : $36.00 - looks to be 
very well made.
Aluminum 5lb CO2 cylinder                                : $64.00 (sold for 
$75 by a rather well known CO2 system supplier)


Locate your local distributor (on the website) for these parts so you don't 
have to pay a hefty $10 handling charge on top of shipping to Clippard.

Part Number MNV-4K2 - needle valve with 1/8" ID hose barb fitting and 10-32 
thread - $9.90. (Same valve sold by the well known supplier of CO2 systems 
mentioned above (one of which I purchased) for $20).

Part Number 15006-3 NP - Adapter to screw needle valve into 1/4" NPT thread 
on regulator after removing the included output valve (just unscrew it) - 
$5.15 for package of 10 (sorry cannot purchase individual pieces).

Part Number 3814-6 -  1/8" ID CO2 Resistant Polyurethane Hose 50 foot roll 
(only sold in 50' or 500') - $17.50 (NOT A DOLLAR A FOOT like the above 
aquarium supplier charges).

I use a tetra-tec check valve ($1.49 ) and a 2" ceramic micro bubbler air 
stone by Rena [Aquarium Pharmaceuticals] (under $4) bought at Petsmart.  I 
use no solenoid and bubble it 24 hours under the intake of my canister 
filter.  I have well buffered water so pH swings are not an issue for 
me.  I count the bubbles/sec (set at 2) directly in the aquarium before I 
attached the airstone.  I've been running it like this for 6 months with no 

Total cost was under $140  (shipping added about $20).   You cannot even 
buy their CO2 System Deluxe for under $150 with NO TANK. 

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