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pearling question

I have observed the last couple of times that upon doing a water change and cleaning the filter (mag 350) plants start to do their thing.  I posted a msg a couple weeks ago, but it never made it on the mailing list.

I was curious as to why the pearling ocured, and thought that I was simply over saturating the water w/ oxygen... However I am not sure as I am not a chemist.  Is this the case?

Since then, I decided today to just run an air pump into the filter intake and let the canister fill w/ a little air.  Again, the plants started to pearlate.  This still has me confused though... is it that I am simply saturating the water that causes the pearling, or am I indeed causing co2 levels to increase by allowing the water in the filter to churn with normal air.  I know from reading the posts, that atmospheric air contains much more co2 that our aquariums so ask if this is the case.

I guess I can also ask if pearling is always a good thing. If so I will try this attempt since all others have failed.

look forward to reading suggestions/comments/advise/discussions/experiments