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back in the game

Hi folks,

I have been off the list for some time now mainly due
to long hours at work (I even missed the AGA
Convention in my backyard!).  Thought I would start
back up now.

Things got complicated with a move last July and I
lost virtually all of my plants (probably some 30
species).  Then I had some hardware
complications--glass tops cracking--which necessitated
actual canopies.

To make a long story short, I finally built a canopy
(thanks to all who posted links on designs) for my 135
gal, based on the George Booth setup.  So now I have 2
tanks with lights and CO2.

Now I am back in plant collecting mode.  If any of you
have cuttings that you would be willing to part with
(for cost of shipping or perhaps more), I would be
deeply appreciative.

My website is back up (lost my old domain).  It is now
at http://taopa.com .  I hope to update content and
design soon.

I still have several copies of AquaJournal vol. 70
(the one featuring the worldwide contest) but not the
others, if anyone is interested.  For sale or trade
(make me an offer).

Some of you may recall that I ran a list (TAOPA-The
Art of Planted Aquaria) geared towards the aesthetic
aspects of planted aquaria.  On the off chance that
anyone is interested in that restarting, please
contact me (I think should it start again, we would go
back to yahoogroups, and not use my friend's homemade
proprietary email list as before).


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