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Re: a solution Nazi bugers

> Scott H.

Scott, you should know that I spent 12 years as a union meat cutter.

I have my reasons for not eating meat. But I also know how to cut up
something I might hunt and skin it, grilled and eat it if I have to. But
there's a distinct personal difference from catching and eating your own
fish, mammal, bird and buying it in a market all processed and packed into a
nice little cellophane styrofoam tray. Give the choice to actually kill
something for dinner or not, I think there would be few meat eaters left in
the USA and most of the Western world for certain. The issue of the
morality/giving thanks and facing what you really are eating is removed and

I do have a solution that will make PETA and other misguided moralist happy

The wonders of cloning and genetic alterations can free you from herbivory
and carnivorous tendencies. By injecting Chloroplast DNA into human
epidermal cells, it may be possible for people to tap the wonders of
photosynthesis! Yes, now it would be good to lay in the sun rather than
bad(you'll likely still get skin cancer, but they are working of that also).

Some scientist have come up with a Taro hat. The plant's large leaf DNA that
will produce a large hat like leaf but it needs a root and support
structure. That's where people come in. It makes the food, you protect it
and give it light. It'll be like a photo cell to run people instead of cars
of heat water. Think about it. We will breath out O2 and be helping reduce
CO2 levels. 

I really think this will really promote aquatic plant keeping. Hungry or
thirsty ? Stick your arm in the tank and fill up. It'll keep people's roots,
errr....arms in their tanks and hobbyist will really be able to understand
and identify with their plants much better.

So when you get the growl in the gut, you go over to the cabinet and pick up
a box of KNO3 and just add water. You'll be growing in no time. "Gee Jr, you
are just growing like a weed" will take on new meaning.

But then someone will go, we are competing with the plants and that's not
fair!. How can you stick your arm in the tank when you know you are stealing
the plants food? But we'd chop down the rainforest faster since they have
lots of water and sun, but we'd have to import the fertilized. Hydroponic
babies and nurseries.

It could happen:-)

I think I ate 2 dozen flies and other bugs riding a bike through 30 miles of
hammock and swamp. I don't feel guilty about, just thought they tasted good.
There was sanitized packaging, I ate these bug raw and still alive.
Now is that worse than eating err...crow or chicken? Better than KNO3
anyway. Hard to reproduce if you eat that:-)

Tom Barr