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What (and how) to feed bottom feeders

I have been dropping little generic shrimp pellets (they look like rabbit
food and are available in bulk at my local fish store - it's what they
recommended) along the bottom of my 55 gal tall planted tank.  Problem being
that these sometimes get stuck in the plants, or under a rock, etc. and
start to rot with a peculiar mold-like effect.  Can't be good!  So...
Couple of questions:
What would be the better thing to feed them without getting into live food?
Another local fish store uses tablets/blocks - are those any good?
And what would be a better way of feeding them what I currently have?  Some
sort of food corral?
As far as bottom feeders go, I have 4 loaches, 2 knight gobies, 3 corys, 2
flying foxes and 4 algae eaters.

Thanks a bunch!  :-)

Over and out.... ... ..  .    .