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Re: a solution Nazi bugers

Thomas Barr said, among other things:

> Scott, you should know that I spent 12 years as a union
> meat cutter.
> I have my reasons for not eating meat. But I also know
> how to cut up
> something I might hunt and skin it, grilled and eat it if
> I have to. 

Well, my time paying for college costs as a supermarket
drone was spent working *Produce* and later, throwing stock
at night in the can aisles.  Yes, I sliced, chopped,
stacked, and otherwise mutilated poor defenseless plants
and plant parts without giving it a second moral thought. 
I can hunt down a corn stalk with the best of them -- and
then part the cobs, clean and dress and eat the fruit. 
Grill?  No, grilling freshly picked corn is a mistake.

And then the canned goods aisle.  Which reminds me, why has
no one stood up in protest over the viscious way we treat
those items, force-feed stuffing them with organic matter
that's completely foreign to them and then only to be
gouged, sliced, or otherwise parted, their lids separated
from them even at tender young ages without so much as a
"Forgive can spirit for cutting you".  And then left to
rust in a heap of fetid organic matter or worse, stripped
of its clothing, stacked with other mutilated members of
its kind, collected and melted down to begin the this same
abusive cycle all over again.  No moral issue about cans? 
Oh, where have all the pan-polytheists gone?

Scott H.

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