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Florida Plant meeting

I'm mulling a proposal to have a nice plant meeting in Florida the last
weekend of July 2003. This is geared to providing folks with cheap
accommodations but fun activities and things to do for spouses, kids beside
dozing off at a lecture and going "Honey/Dad/Mom, I'm bored".

Everyone is welcomed and anyone that comes will never forget it. Many of you
might be in total shock at first.

It's a bit different swimming in a river that will remind you of an enormous
plant tank. Some folks want to go see planted tanks and there are a few
here, but I think it's fun to actually put folks in the tank and float down
a river in an inner tube and talk about the plants and critters you see on a
lazy hot summer weekend day.

Cannot stand water? Well what are you doing with a fish tank?!:-)
Well, a canoe can be rented not far away.

Looking at 3 speakers right now.
Day one will be a talk Fri evening, plant swap/auction.

Day two trip down river full of plants and afternoon BBQ picnic.

Day three trip to see another river and stop off at soft water pools and a
tannic river that "disappears".

Many interesting places to eat along the way and locally.

About 90 minutes from Orlando and Jacksonville off I-75.

Looking for 20-75 folks.
I know a few folks are planning on coming.

I am looking to provide the lecture area, some shuttle vans, some hotel
motel contacts for lodging, leading the trips to the various locations, BBQ,
suggesting some good places for vittles.

Should be relatively cheap and fun.
There is a place that sells all sorts of wood and petrified wood nearby also
for those looking to bag something to take home.

Plane fare is cheap or if you live in the SE, USA, you can drive pretty

You don't have to go to the Amazon, this is a lot easier and cheaper to get
close to the same experience of being in a tropical jungle full of water
plants in pristine water.

Tom Barr