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RE: Prime

Going back through posts I found this one that I missed.

>I recently started using Prime. Since I have both chloramines and a
>buffering problem, I was struggling with what water conditioner to use.
>After reading every bottle in the store, I bought Prime because it was
>the only one (other than Amquel) that did not mention detoxifying heavy
>metals. After your note, I went to the Seachem site and checked out the
>description there: "It will also detoxify any heavy metals found in the
>tap water at typical concentration levels."
>Neither my 500ml bottle nor my 2L bottle mentions this. I'm hoping it
>really isn't an issue.

>This should not be an issue unless you are really wanting to keep 
>high levels of lead, mercury and cadmium ;-) (all toxic heavy metals).

>- -Greg Morin


Very funny ;-)

No, actually I was more concerned with Prime removing the Seachem iron,
zinc, copper... that I painstakingly add to my tank every week.

Every once in awhile the Office of Tbey comes out with a recommendation
to avoid a water conditioner that binds heavy metals because it will
interfere with the fertilizers added to the tank. I'm trying to
determine if this is true or not--or at least if it applies to Prime. I
guess I can assume from your reply that you don't feel this is an issue,
but a little clarification would be helpful. I guess it would help me to
understand what "detoxify any heavy metals" means and how it does or
does not affect the heavy metals in your fertilizers.

Thanks so much,

Sharon Stewart