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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #67

Bob asked about sodium thiosulfate:

Bob, I've made my own for years. I read in TFH many years back that fish can live in % solutions of sodium thiosulfate. It undoubtedly is pretty harmless to them ;-). I've always made a 50% solution and dose several drops per gallon. At that strength, chlorine doesn't stand a chance. Never had any deaths or issues with plants or fish.

Jamie <"\\\><

> From: BobAlston9 at aol_com
> Subject: Sodium Thiosulfate mixture
> Recipes I have heard seem to vary between 4 ounces sodium thiosulfate to a
> gallon of water, to then be used 1 drop per gallon - -  to double that
> amount.
> Or a definitive source for a recipe?