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RE: Prime

>Every once in awhile the Office of Tbey comes out with a recommendation
>to avoid a water conditioner that binds heavy metals because it will
>interfere with the fertilizers added to the tank. I'm trying to
>determine if this is true or not--or at least if it applies to Prime. I
>guess I can assume from your reply that you don't feel this is an issue,
>but a little clarification would be helpful. I guess it would help me to
>understand what "detoxify any heavy metals" means and how it does or
>does not affect the heavy metals in your fertilizers.

The "heavy metal precipitation" effect is operative at removing only 
very low levels of heavy metals... however since heavy metals such as 
lead and mercury are already present at very low levels in tap water 
normally they are typically completely removed. Metals like iron are 
present in much, much greater concentration than those trace heavy 
metals thus the removal of iron is nonexistent to negligible. Even 
with the trace elements that are dosed the level on most is high 
enough that the effect there is negligible too. For those that might 
be more significantly affected, just one dose of Flourish or Flourish 
Trace after a water change that employs a product such as Prime would 
immediately restore anything that might be lost.

-Greg Morin