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RE: Those darn red plants (attempt #2)

> Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 01:09:27 -0500
> From: "Pete" <peteal at sympatico_ca>
> Subject: RE: Those darn red plants (attempt #2)
> Looks like Alternanthera Reineckii "roseafolia"
> Here's a good site for plant pics
> http://www.tropica.com/default.asp
> If you want some red plants for a contrast for all that green, try
> Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea Lotus "Zenkeri).  Nice dark red and grows like a weed
> :).  If it gets too big just remove the larger leaves.

Thanks for the recommendation on the Tiger Lotus.  I'll check it out. 
Some other folks have mentioned that that my red plant might actually be 
the emersed species Alternanthera sessilis which won't work submerged. 
I *just* received my Kesselman book in the mail, so I'll be checking 
that out, too.  :)

> Pete
> P.S.  If your post to the site is not set to 'plain text' (ie. it's HTML) in
> explorer, the mailing list will not pick it up.

Thanks for the tip.  I had just reinstalled Mozilla, and the new 1.3beta 
apparently defaults to composing messages in html.  Yuck.  I had written 
a few messages before I realized what was up. :)