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RE: Those darn red plants (attempt #2)

<<I posted this a few days back, but it looks like it never made it onto
the list so I'm giving it another shot.

Basically, I've got a set of unknown red plants that I'm having a hard
time keeping up.  All the other plants (all green) in my tank are doing
very well, but the poor red guys are looking pretty sad.  Here's a pic:>>

Looks like Alternanthera Reineckii "roseafolia"
Here's a good site for plant pics

It's not listed as a hard plant to grow and I have gotten mine to grow but
it never really took off and looked good like my other plants (I chucked
it).  If you want some red plants for a contrast for all that green, try
Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea Lotus "Zenkeri).  Nice dark red and grows like a weed
:).  If it gets too big just remove the larger leaves.


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