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Water conditioner problem??

Does anyone know if AmQuel leaves any possibly harmful substances in tap
water? I performed my usual 25% water change on my community tank on
saturday. For the firt time I used AmQuel instead of Tetra Aqua Safe after
having read that Aqua Safe will remove certain trace elements from tap water
which are useful to the plants. The next morning I found a blue ram dead
with no apparent markings or problems showing externally, that night I also
found a dead molly, yesterday another blue ram and I just got a phone call
informing me that another 2 fish (1 blue ram and possibly a rosey barb) have
died. I can't think of anything else that could be causing this, I haven't
changed anything lately. Although I will test the water as soon as I get
home tonight as of last night the water parameters tested were:

Temp: 76F
PH: 6.6
KH: 3
GH: 8
Nitrates: 5-10

I'll test ammonia and nitrites in case something is wrong with the filter
but I can't think of any reason why that would happen, haven't had any power
outages or anything like that, plus it's on a UPS. I dose TMG, Nitrogen and
Potassium every 2-3 days depending on test readings.

Does anyone feel the conditioner is to blame? Or should I say, could my tap
water contain any harmful substances that Amquel does not remove as well as
Aqua Safe does? I'll perform another 25% change today and possibly repeat
tomorrow and seeing the fish are more important I'll go back to using Aqua
Safe and see if the problem persists. I really can't think of anything else
that has changed, haven't added anything new to this tank in over 6 months.
Any thoughts? I even find the possibility of the water conditioner to be at
fault somewhat scarse. Fish are eating, mating, colorful and don't display
any signs of illness or stress.

Giancarlo Podio (very confused at the moment)