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Free plants (mostly java fern)

Greetings from a formerly-avid-but-now-lethargic
aquatic gardener and proud new father.
My once-beautiful tank has been languishing without
much intervention for the past year or so. I feed the
fish now and then.  I've cleaned out the filter a couple
of times.  And I top up the water when the spray bar 
starts making too much noise.  (The tank is pretty 
well covered, so this isn't very often.)  I ran out of 
CO2 long ago, and I haven't dosed nutrients (apart 
from fish food) in a couple of years.  But I still have 
lots of light coming from my admittedly aging tubes.
Anyway, under these conditions, the java fern had 
grown to the point that there wasn't much room for 
fish to swim around in there.  Anubias nana has 
also done very well.  I had a massive clump  of 
bacopa growing emergent in the air gap left by 
evaporating water, and a bunch of riccia (which I 
had once thought extinct in this tank) had clumped 
around it, forming a solid mat across half the tank.
My crypts were still hanging on beneath all this, but
my swords are dead.
I cleaned it all up on Saturday, and now I have 
a big plastic crate of excess plants.
  Lots of big java fern. (i.e., over 1 foot, 
    trilobate leaves) 
  A little bit of lace (windelov) java fern
  A few wayward anubias rhizomes.
  A giant tangled mat of bacopa, and bits of
    riccia mixed in.
There's some dark spot algae on the older anubias 
leaves, and I could definitely smell some BGA
when I was removing the bacopa/riccia mat,
though I didn't see much.
I realize that this isn't anything really coveted 
around here, but I'd be happy to ship it out to 
anyone who wants to pay the postage.  I'm not 
going to deal with insulated shipping, so those
of you in northen latitudes might think twice. 
E-mail me off list at dozenne at 10fold_com. 
David Ozenne
Fremont, CA


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