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Re: Leggy plants

>Subject: Re: Leggy plants
>>Adam Shaw was concerned that the amount of Flourish might be excessive.
>>Here's how I came up with it. Basically, I looked at the differentce
>>between the beginner and expert doses of the Flouish N and P (funny how
>>that same issue came up in the same digest), and then figured that the
>>doses listed o the Flourish & Flourish iron bottles were beginner
>doses, >and that the ratios would be the same between the beginner and
>advanced >doses across the Flourish product line (with the exception of
>Excel, which >I use in other tanks exactly at the specified levels). I
>know that's a big >assumption (Dr. Morin, can you say if it is a good
>one), but that's why I >am using the amounts of F and F iron.

This is not the case, a higher "expert" dose of one product does not 
mean one should use the same proportionate dose of all other 
products. We don't include an expert dose on those products that 
can't be directly measured easily and readily (Flourish, Flourish 
Potassium, Flourish Trace, Flourish Excel) because there is nothing 
to base the target on since one does not know what the current value 
is. With that said we probably should add an expert section for 
Flourish Iron, although in practice the need doesn't seem to be there 
since the target range is so narrow and depleted so rapidly one 
recommended dose gets you right back where you need to be.

Greg Morin


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