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Re: Leggy Plants

>"My comment on this would be that Flourish is specified as a 'complete
>non-fertilizer *water conditioner*'."
>Adam, I looked for this text on my bottle of Flourish & found nothing like
>it. My bottle says, "Flourish is a comprehensive plant supplement for the
>natural freshwater aquarium. It contains a rich assortment of important
>trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids." The only "water conditioner" I
>use in my tank is a straight dechlorinator - the whole point, I thought, of
>using Flourish is that it is a fertilizer.
>I'm also thinking you may be outside of the U.S.? Are there different
>products, or different labels?

No, he just has an older label. A few years back state agricultural 
departments would not let us say Flourish was a fertilizer because it 
did not have enough fertilizer ingredients based on the requirements 
of terrestrial farm plants. So we had to come up with a vague and 
useless (for the consumer) description to sell the product. 
Fortunately those laws have since been changed and we can now 
actually say what it is. The product itself never changed, just the 

-Greg Morin

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