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Re: Prime & Nitrate

>Paul wrote:
>"Does Seachem Prime water conditioner make nitrate unavailable to
>plants? Prime apparently "detoxifies" Nitrate - does the process of
>detoxification therefore 'lock up' the nitrate and hence deprive the
>plants. A cursory glance  through the archives also revealed that Prime
>locks up heavy metals and iron." <snip>

No, it will not deprive the plants, it is a reversible complex that 
the plants can "break" apart as needed.

>I recently started using Prime. Since I have both chloramines and a
>buffering problem, I was struggling with what water conditioner to use.
>After reading every bottle in the store, I bought Prime because it was
>the only one (other than Amquel) that did not mention detoxifying heavy
>metals. After your note, I went to the Seachem site and checked out the
>description there: "It will also detoxify any heavy metals found in the
>tap water at typical concenration (their typo, not mine) levels."
>Neither my 500ml bottle nor my 2L bottle mentions this. I'm hoping it
>really isn't an issue.

This should not be an issue unless you are really wanting to keep 
high levels of lead, mercury and cadmium ;-) (all toxic heavy metals).

-Greg Morin

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