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propagating E. Uruguayensis

I have also posted a picture of E. JUrugayensis on:

Hello all,

I have purchased an Echinodorus uruguayensis about one year ago. E.
Uruguayensis differs from others swords mainly by leaf shape. The leaves
are much narrower than most other swords which gives it a very elegant
appearance. It also casts far less shadow to underlying surfaces then broad
leaved swords. When I bought the plant it had only 4 leaves. After one year
of growing in my main show tank it now must have more than 50 leaves( about
one leaf per week ) . I have propagated other big swords by cutting of the
plantlets from the stalks that shoot out from time to time. E. Uruguayensis
is hard to get here in Belgium. You won't find it in LFS's. I bought mine
from a local fishstore in Japan while on a business trip. ( how to combine
business with pleasure ) . Anyway, the plant seems mature now with that
quantity of leaves and I have plenty of friends willing to take any
offspring. But the Uruguayensis is not shooting out any runners or stalks
with plantlets. I really wish to propagate this one as I want to spread it
among my friends and build a plant wall with them in my main tank. Does
anybody have experience with propagating this species?
Any help would be appreciated. Is this a long day or a short day plant? Can
I do anything with the light rhytm or the temperature? Just wait ?  How do
I stimulate the plant to go into reproductive mode?

If you've never seen one: here is the tropica reference: