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Re: Leggy Plants

> We may have a winner in the leggy plants contest.
> Anthony Law wondered if maybe the lights were too
> old. It has been sunny here in the Portland, OR
> area for the past few days, and I have had the
> curtains open and the sun pouring in on the tank.
> There is a visible difference in the length of the
> internodes on the new growth - much tighter. It's 
> also interesting to see that the ambulia is much
> wider when grown in more light.

Rachel I hope your plants are doing better now.  My
email on the PC lights was more meant to be a question
rather than advice.  If I got it then it was a fluke. 

I am a plant newbie but I'm sure I came across a few
online articles (probably outdated) that actually
*recommended* replacing regular tubes every 6 mths &
PCs every 12.  That's why I thought it odd when nobody
suggested your lights may be the culprit.  Thanks to
everyone who corrected me.  My 2x55 are reaching 9mths
& I *was* thinking about ordering new ones...but not

One thing you didn't mention was whether your plants
have always been leggy, or if they gradually got so
over time.  I guess another thing we all assumed was,
your AH supplied PCs had the right spectrum for FW



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