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Re: Leggy Plants -- and Fleshing out Flourish

Rachel Sandage quoted Adam and replied:
> Adam wrote,
> "My comment on this would be that Flourish is specified
> as a 'complete
> non-fertilizer *water conditioner*'."
> Adam, I looked for this text on my bottle of Flourish &
> found nothing like 
> it. My bottle says, "Flourish is a comprehensive plant
> supplement for the 
> natural freshwater aquarium. It contains a rich
> assortment of important 
> trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids." The only
> "water conditioner" I 
> use in my tank is a straight dechlorinator - the whole
> point, I thought, of 
> using Flourish is that it is a fertilizer.
> I'm also thinking you may be outside of the U.S.? Are
> there different 
> products, or different labels?

Flourish is a trace supplement.  I know SeaChem has another
trace product -- it lets you alter the proportion of some
of the compounds in the two.  Is a trace supplement a
fertilizer?  Well, TMG has K, one of the macronutrients.  I
think Flourish has a bit of N, P, and K in it too.  If it's
represented as a fertilizer, It think some different rules
apply about stating amounts -- including those goofy rules
about how N-P-K proportions are stated -- as their
equivalents as oxides.

My bottles of Flourish Nitrogen and Flourish Phosphorus do
not say "fertilizer" anywhere on them.  But if I add some
of what's in them to my planted tank, I'm sure as heck
fertilizing my plants  ;-)  .

Scott H.

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