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Re: Test kits --Lovely Reader Meter Made

Robert H said:

> >>I disagree with Tom Wood about the nitrate kit.  I had
> the AP one and could barely tell between 5 and 15.
> Maybe some people have better eyes for comparison than
> mine, but it was a bit of a pain to read the thing. <<
> I am partially color blind, having difficulty distinguishing sutle
> shades of
> color, so I have always had trouble with test kits. My solution was
> to get a
> Milwaukee hand held pH tester for around $50. Range is 0.0 to 14.0 pH
> and is
> microprocessor based. Tells me the pH in easy to read digital
> numbers...in
> black and white! :) At least I think its black...

Those are fine for pH but give terribly inaccurate readings for nitrate
and anything else but pH.  ;-)

Seriously though, I can't get a meter for every chem I want to test. 
Well, I *can* but I *should not*.  But a pH meter is worth considering
if you have more than a few tanks or find yourself testing pH oftern
for some other reason.  Buying my Pinpoint pH meter was as good a
purchase as any I ever made on aquarium equipment just for the
convenience.  It's easy to maintain, accurate, and even my littlest
daughter can read it with ease.

Scott H.

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