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Close enough

Tom Wood wrote, regarding LaMotte test kits:
"Well, no, it doesn't. That's the point. The LaMotte kits are gross overkill
and are too costly for many people entering the hobby. This list does a
great dis-service to the hobby by continuing to promote the attitude that
high-dollar gadgetry and complicated techniques are required for success.
There's quite the herd here that is entrenched in that approach. If you want
to be a cow, go ahead, but don't speak for "all of us". If you can accept
the assertion that a lack of precision is acceptable, then reading the color
chart on a paper card is close enough."

Hmmmm,........"gross overkill", "too costly"? "cow"???


This is a HOBBY. It can be approached and appreciated at many levels and in
many ways. Some people enjoy the technicalities, others take a more relaxed
approach. All are equally valid. Nobody is doing anyone a dis-service by
discussing and/or recommending one brand of test kit or equipment over
another or one approach over another.

If it works for YOU, under your conditions, that is more than enough to
justify telling others about it, so long as you describe the conditions
under which it worked for you. But you have to accept that there might be
OTHER approaches, some more or less technical/precise/expensive than yours,
which might lead to similar results (healthy plants). It isn't necessary to
put ANYONE down, verbally or otherwise, for choosing to follow a different
path to their goal.

High Tech - Low Tech - No Tech, who cares? Actively growing, healthy plants
are our goal - how you get there is not the issue.

If you think that by being rude (referring to list members as cows) you can
make your point that the high tech approach is somehow wrong or misguided,
you are mistaken. It says far more about you than it does about other
people's choices.

What are you going to do next, sue us???????

James Purchase