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Test kits --Lovely Reader Meter Made

Scott wrote:
"Seriously though, I can't get a meter for every chem I want to test. Well, I *can* but I *should not*.  But a pH meter is worth considering if you have more than a few tanks or find yourself testing pH oftern for some other reason."

Robert wrote:
"There are many people out there that are totally frustrated with test kits. At one time I had four different test kits, and I would get four different readings, (even with my color blindness I could see four distinct variations)"

Well, I'm not color blind or so, but I AM having a hellish time trying to guess what shade on the paper is corresponding to the shade of the liquid in the test tube. Most of the time I have to ask my wife (who can paint pictures in oil and so, thus beeing much better on colors than I) and she's having trouble to guess it too.

I wish there were digital electrical any kindamashinethingy to do the testing with. At least a "PH-meter" for FE and NO3.
The hardest testkit of them all is the Hagen PO4 kit. The blue shades of the different levels are so close to eachother that I can hardly tell on the paper, if it is 0 or 0.1. It's a guesswork.

If anyone knows of reasonably priced digital electrical any kindamashinethingy's that can do the job - Please tell me!
If there are not, then this must be a market opportunety for an inventor to exploit.

Best regards
Greger Lindstrand