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Re: Test kits, rising nitrates and lowering manners

Very few bovine-blessed test kits exist.  Indeed, there are no
recommendations on record showing bovine preferences at all.  

But I haven't heard TW sound off like this since the last time Bomberg
posted.  Call me an AK but I don't see the reason in it.

Hopefully no one mistakes a favorable review for an imperative to
purchase.  That would be unfortunate, or at least imprudent. 
Purchasing should always be a personal decision based on costs and
benefits.  Hach and LaMotte make pretty good kits as has often been
said on APD and other lists.  One can even get by with no test kits at
all.  At least some do and they do very well.  That's not much info but
there's a whole lot more on APD the fleshes that out.  

If this message list makes anything clear, its that there's lot's of
ways to do things *and* lots of ways to spend money, and about as
often, ways to avoid spending the money.

Things can be done in all manner of ways, selecting the right manners
is half the battle,
Scott H.

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