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Re: Lamotte vs AP

>Well, no, it doesn't. That's the point. The LaMotte
>kits are gross overkill
>and are too costly for many people entering the
>hobby. This list does a
>great dis-service to the hobby by continuing to
>promote the attitude that
>high-dollar gadgetry and complicated techniques are
>required for success.

They aren't.  

I don't think anyone is asserting that.  The point is
that with things like the Lamotte kits, it's much
easier.  There's a blurb on George Booth's site about
how people put off buying the better kits because of
the cost and get the cheaper kits instead.  Then they
find they have a hard time reading the cheap ones and
get the better ones, spending the cheap kit money on
top of the good kit money.  He was right.  That's what
happened to me.  I thought I would save the money and
get the AP kit.  I couldn't tell between 5 and 15. 
There's a big difference between those two numbers. 
If I had to do it all over again, I would have just
gotten the Lamotte.    

The lamotte kit is more reliable too.  I was getting a
reading of what I thought was 5 from the AP and
Seachem kits.  Why did I have so much green dust then?
 Testing on a friend's Lamotte showed it was actually
17.  That explained a lot and inspired me to make the
plunge myself.   

If you can read the AP kit effectively, then good for
you.  Some of us have a hard time with it.      


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