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Re: pH testing

Robert Hudson wrote:
"I am partially color blind, having difficulty distinguishing sutle shades
color, so I have always had trouble with test kits."

I think that approximately 10% of the male population is at least partially
color deficient, (at least that's what my eye doctor told me), and can have
varying degrees of difficulty distinguishing some subtle color differences.
I'm in that 10% myself. If the poblem is slight and you are aware it, you
can sometimes train your eye-brain combo to compensate. Many years ago, in a
course I took on Color Theory (from an art perspective), my teacher
explained to the class that you could train yourself to distinguish many
more subtle differences than an untrained eye can. It can come down to
having proper viewing conditions (ie lighting of a standard color), accurate
color references and lots of practice. But if your vision is seriously color
deficient, due to a physical problem (ie number and or arrangement of the
rods and cones in your retina), no amount of practice is going to help. That
is where an electronic solution to the water testing issue can become

Hope I'm not accused of being a cow for that........... ;-)


James Purchase