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Re: Do the presence of Shell affect CO2 absorption by plants

Sunil Baboo wrote:

>My querry is: Do the presence of Sheels in the sand
>affect the difussion/absorption of CO2 in water, and
>thereafter by plants.
>A friend informed me that I should get rid of the
>Shells, as they are made of Calcium, and the presence
>of Calcium can affect the solublity of CO2 in water. 
>Is this true.  If yes, can you advice me, what I
>should do.

No, shells do not affect Co2 dissolution into the water column.  However,
they do increase the water's pH, hardness buffering the water such that it
takes a LOT more Co2 than it otherwise would to lower the pH from say 7.8
down to 6.8.    Your friend is right.  Lose the shells.   Trust me, it will
be more than worth it.  Check out this little article:

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