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Do the presence of Shell affect CO2 absorption by plants

July 5, 2002.

My querry is: Do the presence of Sheels in the sand
affect the difussion/absorption of CO2 in water, and
thereafter by plants.

A friend informed me that I should get rid of the
Shells, as they are made of Calcium, and the presence
of Calcium can affect the solublity of CO2 in water. 
Is this true.  If yes, can you advice me, what I
should do.

Another querry is that my tank has the following
plants, which are doing well:

1. Bacopa
2. Ludwiga
3. Hydrophylla

But the following are not doing that well:

1. Reneki
2. Baby Tears (?)
3. Lagendra (I understand that this is a native of

In the case of Reneki- this is growing fine...but very

Baby Tears... The growth of some shoots are fine, but
others in the bunch have leafs that are very small,
and later they just disintegrate.

Lagendra..This plant has thich leaf, similar to
Amazon, however, the leaf get holes after some time
(after the leaf is completely grown)

I need any help you can give me.

Also please advice if using Pottassium Nitrate is
beneficial to plants.

I look forward to your reply.

Best regards,
Sunil Baboo
Email: alpi101 at yahoo_com

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