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Black/Red Algae and Stress Coat

Iíve had a black brush algae problem in my 38gal tank for some time now. I
have plants and lace rock in there and the algae covers lots of the rock and
is killing the larger plants. I have a pleco and have been looking for some
SAEs. I have gotten one Flying Fox and one false SAE in the process for
looking for an SAE. I now know the difference. But this question is not
about that. I regularly use Stress Coat (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, with aloe
vera) for chlorine removal during water changes (3 tablespoons). I recently
noticed that if I dump the Stress Coat on a rock, the algae turns bright
red. Then a day or two later it is gone from that spot on the rock. I then,
during the next water change, used 6 tablespoons of Stress Coat near a
different rock and it happened again, only more so. I figure that either
Stress Coat can discourage or kill this black/red algae or my current algae
eaters find it much tastier. I think it is the former. Comments?