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Re: cycling a plant tank

I have never waited to add fish to a moderately-heavily planted tank.

Recent experience: I have had a 125 gallon tank set up heavily planted, CO2, 
intense light, etc for 2-3 years. It is filtered by an Eheim 2217 and 2028 
Pro II. Last time I serviced the filters I noticed I still had about 1/2 the 
recommended amount of biomedia in each filter. I decided to make it about 1/2 
cup in each filter, instead of the 1-2 liters that was in each. I bought a 
SeaChem ammonia alert disk just in case there was an ammonia spike. Pulled 
all the biomedia out and there was never a bit of ammonia with a moderate 
fish load in the tank. It had to go somewhere. I guess the plants ate it up.

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