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Re: Black/Red Algae and Stress Coat

> I recently
> noticed that if I dump the Stress Coat on a rock, the algae turns bright
> red. Then a day or two later it is gone from that spot on the rock. I then,
> during the next water change, used 6 tablespoons of Stress Coat near a
> different rock and it happened again, only more so. I figure that either
> Stress Coat can discourage or kill this black/red algae or my current algae
> eaters find it much tastier. I think it is the former. Comments? 
> Thanks..K.C.

Funny you should mention it!  And funny someone should mention MelaFix 
problems not 24 hours after I dosed one of my tanks with the stuff. 

I had never previously had any problems resulting from MelaFix (which I 
periodically use for my rainbowfish, who tend to develop post-injury 
fungal/bacterial infections on their upper lips, after running headlong into 
the glass).  In hindsight, I have never used it in a tank which contained 
fine-leaved plants.  (Java fern, corkscrew val, crypt wendtii, and wisteria 
weathered MelaFix treatments without any problems.) 

Unfortunately, I have finally fingered MelaFix as the culprit in two recent 
related mysteries - the sudden, catastrophic death of a) some ambullia which 
had been doing quite well; b) BBA on a chunk of driftwood.  I was really 
starting to bemoan my aquatic husbandry - I mean, sure, I've killed plants 
before, but who the heck kills BBA!? 

Last night I sat down with my journal (always keep a journal, kids!) and 
took a good, hard look.  It had to have been the MelaFix - there's really no 
other plausible option that I can see.  Which is really too bad, as MelaFix 
is one of the few additives/treatments I've ever used that genuinely works - 
and fast - and relatively safely. 

I have also previously never had much of a problem with BBA.  Certainly not 
to the extent that many people have experienced.  Then again, I do 
occasionally use StressCoat and MelaFix - not very often, mind you, but 
perhaps just often enough to keep the BBA from getting a foothold. 

BBA is such a common plague, it'd sure be nice to think that occasionally 
adding a bit of StressCoat or MelaFix would take care of the problem.  
Anyone else have empirical observations to add?  Or willing to try dosing a 
BBA-infested tank with StressZyme or MelaFix in the name of science?  :) 

 - Erika