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Re: Fish stores in CT?

> Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 08:48:58 -0400
> From: "Chuck MacNaughton" <chuck at newnetco_com>
> Subject: Re: Fish stores in CT?
> The only halfway decent store in the northern half of the state (that I
> of, anyway) that has an adequate amount of plants is Emmons Tropical Fish
> Simsbury. It's WAAY up on the Granby line on Route 10 (Hopmeadow Rd.).
> not the most convenient place in the state for most of us, but it's worth
> the drive. Whenever I've gone they've had a decent supply of plants,
> nothing too exotic. They always have Cabomba, Hygro, Ludwigia, misc.
> and swords, hairgrass, etc. They also always have otos, but they do not
> stock SAEs or any small shrimp.
> Chuck MacNaughton
> New Net Companies
> chuck at newnetco_com
> 203.488.4775 x.4024

I agree-Emmons is a fairly good place...I've been doing business with them
for over 35 years. They do have quality fish and have individual sponge
filters in each tank....nice selection of Clown Loaches of various sizes and
prices lately and like Chuck says have a decent selection of basic aquatic
plants...watch out as they also have terrarium plants in the same area.
Exotic SuperPet off Silver Lane ( near the new Uconn Stadium) in East
Hartford and Magic Pet in Wethersfield and the Puppy Center in Elmwood also
offer some basic and sometimes more exotic plants, it's hit or miss. My
favorite place, which is quite a drive ( 2 + hours from Northwestern CT
where I am) is Uncle Ned's Fish Factory in Millis Mass.
Always a treat to visit, they usually have Amano shrimp, SAE's and Ottos
available and an excellent selection of plants. Great slection of hard to
find fish there and you might even get some of Karen Randall's cuttings as I
know she trades there. A good ride on a rainy ( or snowy) day.
Have fun!
Bob Buettner
In heat drenched Litchfield county CT where it's 95+ degrees right now