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Re: Calculating values

Greger Lindstrand wrote:
> Thank you all for both on and off list advice & hints on how to  
> calculate the CO2 level ! Its been really intresting to read :-)  
> One of the answers (se below) leads to another problem... 
> <quote> 
> As  for an ideal level of CO2, the recommendations I've seen range 
> from  10 to 30 mg/L. I keep my well lit tanks around 20 - 25mg/L 
> and get  excellent growth.
> <end quote>
> Namely, what IS the ideal 
> level (range  maybe) of ANY of the tests we use?  
> I come across a multitude of advice, here and there on the net. 
> Some  say CO2 should be no more than 35 and some say 30 maximum. 
> Even 25  maybe. Same goes for FE. recommended levels vary. GH? KH? 
> PH? etc.  etc. ? Is there like, a table of all values and ranges, 
> avaliable? On  the net maybe? Maybe someone has compiled one 
> themselves? I'd be  greateful if you could share it, if so.  

Take a look at http://www.sfbaaps.com/reference/barr_02_01.shtml. Be
aware that the page will not display in Netscape 4 because of some HTML
errors, but it will display in IE or Netscape 6+ which are more
forgiving of HTML errors.

Jerry Baker