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Re: Fish stores in CT?

The only halfway decent store in the northern half of the state (that I know
of, anyway) that has an adequate amount of plants is Emmons Tropical Fish in
Simsbury. It's WAAY up on the Granby line on Route 10 (Hopmeadow Rd.). It's
not the most convenient place in the state for most of us, but it's worth
the drive. Whenever I've gone they've had a decent supply of plants, though
nothing too exotic. They always have Cabomba, Hygro, Ludwigia, misc. Crypts
and swords, hairgrass, etc. They also always have otos, but they do not
stock SAEs or any small shrimp.

Chuck MacNaughton
New Net Companies
chuck at newnetco_com
203.488.4775 x.4024

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