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Re: Aroids

I asked about Aroids other than Crypts and Anubias, and Zach replied:

>Pistia Stratiotes is an aroid...oddly enough. So are Lemna species and
>Wolffia species.

So they are.  I didn't think about floaters.  Perhaps I should have said 
"non-floater" aroids.  I do like the way the root structures of P. 
stratiotes and Wolffia spp. look hanging down in a glass tank, 
however.  But I get tired of constantly keeping the populations in check so 
they don't block the light.

>  Want some Lemna minor =)

Uh, NO!  Like the Chicken Pox, having it once is a lifetime cure ;)

Thanks for the reply, Zach.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee