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Nigerian banks

>> Has anyone else on this list received a weird e-mail from "Blessings Musa" 
>> regarding importation of goods into Nigeria and the use of personal bank 
>> accounts to hold millions of dollars?

This is one of the more famous internet swindles, perpetrated by some 
criminals in Nigeria.  Some are said to actually be Nigerian government 
officials conspiring in the crime.  If you send them your bank account 
number, they will clean out your account.  The scheme is actually one of the 
more successful swindles in internet history, and has actually netted close 
to $1 Billion for the criminals.  You can report this email to the FBI, but 
there is little they can do since the criminals are in Nigeria and are well 
connected to the government there.  Knowledge of the swindle is about your 
only defense here.  Do NOT send them any bank account numbers, or supply them 
with any information.  Hopefully one day the government will change in 
Nigeria, and these criminals can be brought to justice.  But I wouldn't hold 
my breath.

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