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Re: Aroids

>  Cryptocoryne and Anubias are without a doubt my favorite genera of the
>  plants I've kept so far.  So, I'm wondering what other Aroids I might
>  like.  Are there other members of the Araceae family that are suitable for
>  aquaria?  Thanks.
>  - --
>  Chuck Huffine
>  Knoxville, Tennessee
Chuck,Pistia Stratiotes is an aroid...oddly enough. So are Lemna species and
Wolffia species. Want some Lemna minor =)

- -Zach

Zach & Chuck
There are a couple of Aroids here in NT Australia that live 
underwater in an aquarium and they are Rhaphodophora sp and Typhonium 
sp.   Rhaphodophora is very similar to Anubias when small but turns 
into a climber that ascends up into rainforest trees.   Typhonium 
superficially resembles some crypts but has a bulb instead of a 
rhizome.  Some of the other local plants in the aroid family that 
live in swamps but don't do well submerged are members of the genus 
Colocasia, Tacca and Amorphophallus.   They are the common plants 
here, there are others.

Dave Wilson