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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #77

> Cryptocoryne and Anubias are without a doubt my favorite genera of the 
> plants I've kept so far.  So, I'm wondering what other Aroids I might 
> like.  Are there other members of the Araceae family that are suitable for 
> aquaria?  Thanks.

Actually, I forgot Lagenandra. Aquabotanic had some the last time I checked. 
To add to what I said last time Lemna and Wolffia are members of the 
sub-family Lemnacae. Lemnacae is a sub family of Areacae...the aroids. There 
are other aquatic aroids *I cant remember right now* If you are really 
interested, e mail me off list and I can give you the name of the book that I 
just read along with a few other species/genera. I hope it isnt out of date, 
it is entirely possible that a splitter came along and changed everything.


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