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Re: Name that deficiency

Jeff wrote:

I'm thinking about adding iron along with tmg to keep a reading and see
how the
tank improves.

I reply:

You know Alex R. has nearly the same amount and exactly the same type of
light and light fixtures as you. He frequently posts on the Rec.plants
newsgroup. He does exactly that as he can't get iron levels up with
straight TMG.

The two other guys who responded know way more than me about nutrients
in planted tanks so I would pay close attention to what they have to say
first.  To follow up on what Paul said, you can find out from your water
utility what the proportion of magnesium and calcium is in your water
supply. There is a web site out there devoted to high magnesium water
supplies and I was suprised to see how common this is in certain areas.
It's always a good idea to find out what's in there anyway. You can't
really develop a fertilization strategy without it.