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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #73

Paul wrote:

> Definitely get the iron up to around 0.2 to 0.4 ppm, and also check the
> calcium level just to make sure that your GH of 6 isn't entirely due to
> magnesium.  By the way, Lamotte makes a kit that tests for Ca only, and Ca
> plus Mg.  The difference is that you make the solution alkaline when you
> are testing for Ca only.  If you test for Ca + Mg and then for Ca, only,
> you can subtract to find the amount of Mg.  If increased Fe and Ca do not
> help, then maybe you have some kind of toxicity.
Tom wrote:

Why are you afraid of overdosing something you can easiy remove with a water
change? Have you had a bad experience related to overdosing when the other
ranges are good? If the CO2, NO3 are good you can add a lot with little
negative effects. 2-3x recommend dosing are very common ranges for a well
growing tank.
I still don't think the issue is traces, you might be a little low but not
that much to have plant problems like this.
I'd look to the PO4/K/NO3. Double check those test kits. Make a test
solution to check them to see(add a small amount of KNO3 in a 250 ml of H20

> tank improves. I'm sure my N03 will start getting used up once my traces 
> right. any other suggestions?

PO4, high K.

Just a reminder tank is 125
I have the lamotte kit ca and mg. Here's the results tank water 160ppm total 
80ppm ca.  tap water 100 total 70 ca. the tank vary's because I was adding 
magnesium sulfate and calcium carbonate. The tap is perfect isn't it? The 
right ratio too? I also just tested for potassium with lamotte and got a 
reading around 40 maybe slightly higher. Is this a range that could cause 
problems. about 20 hours ago I raised my iron to a reading of .4 I just 
tested it and it is pretty much 0. it might have the slightest color less 
than .05. I just did a huge water change to bring the K level down and get 
the gh closer to the taps numbers. I also added 40 ml tmg. I'm afraid of 
overdosing traces and that's it because I have no way of testing. I'm 
positive it's not N or P. The high K could be the problem. can you tell me by 
my recent results?

Jeff Vamos
cessnabum 1 at aol_com

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