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Re:Name that deficiency

    * From: CESSNABUM1 at aol_com

Jeff wrote:

Just a reminder tank is 125

I have the lamotte kit ca and mg. Here's the results tank water 160ppm total
80ppm ca.  tap water 100 total 70 ca. the tank vary's because I was adding
magnesium sulfate and calcium carbonate. The tap is perfect isn't it? The
right ratio too? I also just tested for potassium with lamotte and got a
reading around 40 maybe slightly higher. Is this a range that could cause
problems. about 20 hours ago I raised my iron to a reading of .4 I just
tested it and it is pretty much 0. it might have the slightest color less
than .05. I just did a huge water change to bring the K level down and get
the gh closer to the taps numbers. I also added 40 ml tmg. I'm afraid of
overdosing traces and that's it because I have no way of testing. I'm
positive it's not N or P. The high K could be the problem. can you tell me by
my recent results?

Calcium levels of around 80 ppm should be fine.  Since TMG contains boron,
we can also rule out the other nutrient whose deficiency causes death of
growing points.  I don't think that 40 ppm of potassium is excessive.  The
plant in your pictures looks like Ludwigia.  Is all the Ludwigia affected?
Your said that Didiplis also looked bad.  Same symptoms?  Are there other
species in the aquarium that are unaffected?  Any relationship between
light intensity and degree of severity?  I am wondering if we have a
toxicity or a disease.  I have not had any experiences with diseases that I
know of, but they are a possibility.

Paul Krombholz in summer-like central Mississippi, where we got about 1/4
inch yesterday.  Not much, but better than nothing.