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> From: "Jeffery Ludwig" <jjl22 at drexel_edu>
>  I hope no one takes this the wrong way; can we
> password protect the PMDD recipe until a person passes a basic chemistry
> and mineral nutrition test?

I don't think that's necessary.

> Or at least add more blinking bright
> disclaimers about high light levels and PMDD?

Good idea!

> It's just that I've seen
> too many posts asking "what does K do?" ....

How about a PMDD FAQ? I'm willing to write it.
I'm one of those clueless people, actually, who's been
trying to learn all this chemistry stuff. One of my
upcoming projects (after the birding season is over, in
June!) is to comb thru the entire APD archive and all
the currently-available articles on PMDD, and try to
make sense of it all. While I'm doing that, I'd be willing
to write something up.

Why don't y'all email me some of the commonly-
asked questions, common mistakes, and anything that
you feel should be in a centralized FAQ? I'll then write
it up this summer, have some experts check it for
accuracy, and we could make it available to whomever
wants it. All sources will be fully acknowledged. And
I'm willing to hand over the copyright of the FAQ to
Erik Olson and/or the AGA so someone with expertise
in the subject has control of its contents, future updates,
and distribution.


Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net