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Ich medicines and treatments in planted tanks

Hi Joe,

I have cured ich two different ways.

One:  Raise temp to 86 and hook up a UV sterilizer. Do several water
changes.  Always siphon near gravel.  Higher temps speed up life cycle and
the "spots" fall back to gravel where they will start looking for another
host.  Water changes done near top of gravel work beautifully to get rid of

Two:  All of the above without the sterilizer.

Your plants should do fine for the length of time it takes to do this.  I
can't comment on some of the cooler water types, such as Madagascar lace, I
can't grow it to start with!  However, I have had no issues with plants and
the higher temps.  Some of the discus folks approach those temps constantly
in planted tanks.  Mine stays around 83.

When you lower the temps afterwards, do it slowly.  When you add water, try
to make sure it is close to what is in tank.  If you must err, do it by
adding warmer not cooler water.

Good luck.

Daphne in Hotlanta