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Howdy guys,

I have a proposal, I hope no one takes this the wrong way; can we
password protect the PMDD recipe until a person passes a basic chemistry
and mineral nutrition test?  Or at least add more blinking bright
disclaimers about high light levels and PMDD?  It's just that I've seen
too many posts asking "what does K do?" or questions on how to calculate
rises based on dry dosing after someone rushed out and starting dumping
stuff into their tank.  I think PMDD is wonderful and Chuck Gadd's
calculator can be handy, but these are calculations *everyone* who uses
PMDD should be able to perform without any problems.  I feel bad
however, and do try and help these people, for reasons Tom Barr pointed
out earlier:  the only reason they need to go to PMDD is that they
bought 3-4W+/gal of PCF lighting based on this group's "high-light"

Maybe I'm off base here, but should not someone's first planted tank be
under 2W/gallon, non-injected, rich substrate, no fertilizer except
potassium and maybe trace?  And then when you understand this ecosystem
and simple chemistry well enough then go out and buy one of those
"high-octane" setups?  PMDD is a complicated, experimental, and
unsupported non-commercial method of maintaining a tank that does
require a reasonable amount of skill at basic chemistry... We can at
least be honest about this.  My intent is not to discourage people from
trying PMDD, just to make sure they've done their reading.

Sorry about the rant,
Jeff Ludwig