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Re: What type of plant to hide a filter?

You could try laying the filter on its side at the
bottom of the tank, then any plant could hide it. 
Unfortunately this method takes up more precious
substrate space.  Otherwise you could try hiding it
with some C. wendtii.


I don't think giant hygro is the solution for this
very nice 2.5 gallon 
planted tank; I just got rid of all the giant hygro in
my 72 gallon tank 
because it was, well, giant, and I basically had to
cut the tops off, pull 
out the bottoms, and replant them every couple of

I'm not sure what the dimensions of everything are or
what kind of filter 
that is, but one possibility would be to put the big
rock in front of the 
filter instead of next to it. My son hides the Duetto
DJ-50 in his 6 gallon 
tank behind a nice piece of driftwood.

Can the filter turn upside down, so that the output is
low, rather than 
high? If it can, an anubias might be a nice screen.

Maybe a less agressive filter?

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